Space Lesson Plan

Suitable for primary and secondary pupils with profound learning difficulties who are exploring and experiencing sound in a sensory way.

This lesson will offer pupils opportunities to listen to, create, and interact with different music and sounds that relate to the theme of space. The lesson is bookended by a hello and goodbye song, and then there are three main activities that explore the sounds and multisensory experience of space and space travel.



Pupils with profound learning difficulties. ‘Sound-makers’ experience music in a sensory way.

Lesson Format

The activities in this lesson can be undertaken in one go or could be divided over a couple of lessons. The ‘Rocket Song – part 2’ activity could be added after a couple of lessons of establishing ‘Rocket Song – part 1’. Try repeating the activities over a series of lessons and see how your pupils’ musical responses change and develop.

Resources needed

  • A small selection of percussion instruments for pupils to choose from and play – anything!
  • A picture of a rocket

Backing tracks

Music Learning Outcomes
  1. Listening: to have the opportunity to respond to different sounds (e.g. singing, different instruments, loud, quiet, fast slow)
  2. Creating: to have the opportunity to create sounds by vocalising or with an instrument
  3. Interacting: to have the opportunity to create sounds with others together or by taking turns
Links to wider curriculum

PSHE: Playing and working together

EYFS: Communication and Language (turn-taking using instruments and vocalisation), Physical Development (gross and fine motor skills),

Understanding the World (travel, space), Expressive Arts and Design (music and movement)

Key vocabulary

Rocket, moon, numbers 1-10, today, hello, goodbye, friends

Hello Song

A hello song to welcome pupils into the space and to cue the start if their music class

Let’s All Listen to...

A simple song with opportunities for playing solos and listening to others

Rocket Song - part 1

This activity offers the opportunity to play instruments together in different ways

Rocket Song - part 2

This activity offers opportunities for one-to-one interaction and playing together

Goodbye Song

A goodbye song to signal the end of the lesson